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The Warrior Code
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Within this board, you will find everything you need to get started in the wonderful World of Ascension! Come here to read up on rules, backstory, and other such logistics of the site.
The Stories the Moon Sings
LEAVES OF CHANGE [plot #1] (Nov 30, 2018 23:54:46 GMT)
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This is where you'll find any current plots and prophecies, as well as past ones that can help you capture an idea about the past of the roleplay and how it has evolved to where it is now.
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If anything important comes up that we feel should be announced to everyone on the site, or if we just want to give a recap of events that have happened recently, this is where we'd post those threads!
Activity Checks
ACTIVITY CHECK 12-2-18 (Dec 3, 2018 5:06:51 GMT)
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We here at Ascension only to keep the site populate with the most active and invested members! While our activity checks will not be severe, we will still have them in order to keep to that statement right there. Activity Checks will only happen twice a month, both two weeks from each other. These activity checks are not to penalize players for being inactive as they have very laid back rules, but again are to make sure that the members here are completely active and willing participants to the roleplay!

Join Ascension

Pending Applications
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Here is where all of the pending applications are; they either haven't been reviewed yet, or aren't up to standards and need to be fixed.
Accepted Applications
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Congratulations on making it into the roleplay! All applications in this board are from members who successfully joined.
Test RP with Ascension!
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Are you interested in joining Ascension, but want to test to see how it is roleplaying here first? You can post a little blurb here, and we will all more than happily answer and give you what would just be a taste of the writing here at Ascension.

Roleplaying Resources

Plot Discussion
Underneath The Willow Tree | Willow's Adopts (Dec 19, 2018 1:28:07 GMT)
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Go here to find plots for your characters, as well as explore other boards for premade storylines that you can just jump into immediately!
Site Guides
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Here is a list of guides that may come to your aid during character creation as well as during roleplay. Feel free to post your own guides you think may be helpful, but this is specifically for the guides. No guide requests.
Muse Collections
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This board is where you can post any sort of thing regarding to your characters. This includes character galleries, storages for moodboards regarding those characters, tags, whatever it is you'd like!

The Refuge

The Clans
WILLOWCLAN - Information + Census (Dec 14, 2018 21:32:38 GMT)
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Four clans stand tall, nestled into the forest known now as The Refuge. Each has their own story to tell, their roots beginning to stay firmly planted into the soil below them.
Other Groups
face down in the d i r t -open- (Nov 25, 2018 18:45:22 GMT)
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Other groups reside in The Refuge. Loners, rogues, and kittypets alike roam throughout the forest while the remains of SkyClan occupy the barn. Lastly, an unknown figure emerges in, the wind behind them bringing in a new scent.
StarClan - The Place of Unity and Peace
STARCLAN INFORMATION (Oct 4, 2018 15:52:25 GMT)
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StarClan is where deceased warrior ancestors go and roam free. They watch over the clans and often send messages to them, such as prophecies and omens. Cats from all four clans end up here, and it is where they proceed to live on until they're finally forgotten about, to which they simply fade away into a ghost like image of themselves, finally earning their peace.
The Dark Forest - The place of desolation
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The cats who gratefully wrong the Clans in a certain way and commit horrible crimes against the warrior code typically end up in The Dark Forest. The cats here are vicious, savage even, and are some of the most diabolical cats to face the Clans. They're banished here to walk in solitude forever, though some of them figure out a way around this. When they're finally forgotten by all cats, they often fade away into ghost like figures, doomed to simply haunt The Dark Forest.

The Forest Beneath The Stars

Outside of the Clans
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Areas in which no clan owns, often referred to as shared territory.
Other Boards
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Private threads, oneshots, and alternative universe threads should all be placed into the correct category under this board.
Shadowkit of Echoclan (Dec 8, 2018 1:47:14 GMT)
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Here is where deceased threads, obsolete events, and outdated rules go to die. If you would like a thread to be restored, private message an admin!

The Community

The General Hangout
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This is the OOC lounge of the site, where you can talk about anything you feel like– aside from subjects that go against the site rules, of course. There's a large variety of sub-boards here, so there's bound to be something for everyone!
Sins of the Soulless (Feb 2, 2019 21:57:27 GMT)
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Do you have a roleplay that you want to share? This is where you can show it to our humble community! Please put it in the correct board, or it may be subjected to be deleted.
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